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Alexa Games

A collection of voice controlled games for Amazon Echo devices.Manage a football team, run a zoo, or throw some invisible virtual dice.More fun than asking for the weather. Honest.

Krafty Caps

Kids get bored easily, but you don't need to resort to fast fashion.Krafty Caps provide customisable headwear for children. Bright coloured caps with a Velcro-like area to mix and match themed patches.

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graphic of robot teacher

11 Plus Tutor

No one wants to learn vocabulary from a dictionary.This quiz provides a fun way to learn new words, with themed examples from the worlds of Marvel and Minecraft.

Type Attack Game

An experiment to see whether ChatGPT could create a simple game.Given a simple outline of the mechanic, all the code for this typing game was AI generated.

rabbit sat on a chair typing at a computer cartoon style
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In Perpetuity

Billionnaires put their names on museums and University libraries.You can put yours on a park bench or hiking trail gate. Yay.

Startup Prototyping

Everyone has a random idea for a website or app to make their millions.It's easier than you think to produce a prototype and test it out.

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a church graveyard with iphones and ipads for gravestones

The Graveyard

Where most projects are destined to land.The slightly uncomfortable place between "that should have worked" and "what was I thinking?"